Family Paternal History


1950 James E. Rivard & Gerald H. Rivard (twins, oldest of eleven children)

1927 Robert J. Rivard (married Anne O'Grady, 1949)

1901 Harvey Rivard (married Loretta Koopman, 1922)

1862 Hiliare-Henry-Eli Rivard (married Josephine Bourassa, 1887)

1835 Eli Rivard (married Agatha Roberts, 1858)
(Battle of the Alamo 1836)

1787 Augustin Rivard (married Catherine Couture, 1829)
(Born in Fort Wayne, Indiana)(First of lineage born in USA)
(US Constitution written 1787)

1739 Antoine Rivard (married Falicite Sainte-Marie, 1767)
(Antoine and Falicite moved from Windsor, Canada to Detroit around 1776)
(George Washington born 1732)

1690 Antoine Rivard (married Marie-Josephte Trottier, 1724)
(New Orleans founded, 1718)

1653 Nicholas Rivard (married Elizabeth Blanchet Trottier, 1678)
(Father Hennepin describes Niagara Falls, 1678)

1617 Nicholas Rivard (married Catherine Saint-Pere, 1652, in Trois Rivieres, Quebec)
(Jamestown founded 1607)(Quebec City founded 1608)(Plymouth colony founded 1620)
(Montreal founded 1642) (****NICHOLAS ARRIVES IN NEW FRANCE 1648****)
(In 1643 there were about 300 European immigrants in New France)

1591 Pierre Rivard (married Jeanne Mullard, 1613, town of Tourouvre, Perche region, France)
(Henry Hudson discovers the Hudson River, 1609)

1560 Thomas Rivard (married Jeanne Chevreau, about 1590)
(Sir Francis Drake circumnavigates the globe, 1580)

Connect to a description of New France during the decade of Nicholas Rivard's arrival (1640-49).